The Talmudic discussion of the Chanukah story, beginning on Shabbos 21b, contains tremendous depth, elucidated by a range of meforshim. Derech B’Yam HaTalmud has prepared a free E-Book entitled Eight Questions on the Chanukah Story, to assist Olami educators teach the Gemara’s account of the Chanukah story. The guide summarizes the Gemara on Chanukah, presents questions to... Read more »

If your donor tells you to expect a smaller donation this time, what do you do? Can you negotiate? Before I had the privilege of guiding others in their fundraising, I spent over a decade raising funds for some incredible organizations. Alongside seeing lots of hatzlacha, I did bump into failure plenty of times along... Read more »

We live in an era when new nations are constantly forming. New citizens and leaders of these nations are searching for the “perfect” economic system and government structure that will simultaneously meet the needs of the individual and those of society. During most of the last hundred years, serious people have debated about which economic... Read more »

Getting intro’s to new prospects is the most valuable way to grow your donor base.  Intros accelerate both the access to prospects and the trust needed to speed up the time it takes for a prospect to become a donor. They’re 10x+ more effective than going in cold. You may be thinking – I’ve asked for intros and my donors... Read more »

Do you consider yourself a market-maker and shaker in your niche or within your organization? I can tell you this – we had clients early on in the pandemic who wanted to do nothing when the pandemic hit – to hold their breaths and just wait. But we saw it as an opportunity – because... Read more »