Olami Resources is happy to present the second essay in a series of free installments featuring Rabbi Avraham Edelstein’s important new book, The Human Challenge. Rabbi Avraham Edelstein serves as the Education Director of Neve Yerushalayim College for Women and a senior advisor to Olami. Many of Rabbi Edelstein’s foundational publications addressing the world of... Read more »

Any tragedy that happens to the Jewish people – or to the world in general – requires us to pause, check ourselves and do Teshuva on everything that needs it. The tragedy that just happened in Meron is no different. But there was surely something deeper going on. The period between Pesach and Shavuos was... Read more »

The American system does not have an entry bar – a character or wisdom test or an ethics bar that has to be passed to be eligible for President.  There is a strong feeling that you can have a bad character and still be a good President.  In our previous post, we contrasted this with... Read more »

One of the books that made an enormous impact on me is Thinking Fast and Slow, by former Israeli Nobel prize winner, Daniel Kahneman (I am on my fourth reading). Kahneman shows how most of our decisions are made intuitively or with little or no processing, relying on experience and presumptions we have built up... Read more »