The very idea of a miracle is difficult for most people today to accept as an event that occurred in the past or could occur today. Even for those who believe in the general concept of a G-d find it hard to believe the notion of the occurrence of a supernatural event, whether in modern... Read more »

It is, of course, THE ultimate question: what is our purpose in life? Everyone naturally wishes to find the answer to this question, to make his or her life as meaningful as possible. The purpose of one’s life is a concept that may be understood on many different levels, from the deeply philosophical and abstract,... Read more »

Achieving holiness is a goal of almost every major religion, but the definition of holiness differs from religion to religion. In Judaism, there are numerous definitions of holiness. Unlike most religions that demand holiness only from its leaders, Judaism demands holiness from each and every person. One of the goals of Judaism is to have... Read more »

We tend to think and hope that what we plan for our lives, whether day to day, or over the long haul, will come to fruition exactly how we envision it. But somehow it never turns out that way. No matter how much time we spend in planning or how detailed our plans are, the... Read more »

Whether or not the famed owner of Tesla, Elon Musk, will proceed with his acquisition of Twitter and transform social media, he has already revolutionized the market for driverless technology. Mr. Musk bridged the worlds of dreams and reality as autonomous vehicles are the future of automotive transportation. In this context, features Rabbi Dr. Nachum... Read more »

This essay and source sheets are from the book, “The Encyclopedia of Jewish Values” published by Urim, and the forthcoming book, “The Encyclopedia of Jewish Values: Man to G-d Issues and Rituals.” This essay is not intended as a source of practical halachic (legal) rulings. For matters of halachah, please consult a qualified posek (rabbi).... Read more »