Tzedakah is a mitzvah all the time, right? So why do we only give when we’re asked? Many of us give tzedakah generously and often. Whenever the gabbai stretches out the pushka in shul – whenever a collector knocks on our door – whenever we get one of those heart-wrenching email appeals – we... Read more »

Katie Roiphe is a Harvard and Princeton educated professor and author directing the graduate journalism Cultural Reporting and Criticism program at NYU. In an essay in Atlantic Magazine’s August 2021 edition, 16 Things to Remember at College, Dr. Roiphe offers advice to her college freshman daughter that she wished someone had given her.  “Over the... Read more »

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln There is so much to think about, and mourn, in the developing aftermath of the Chaim Walder saga. Like how we need to do a much better job in preventing sexual abuse and protecting, listening... Read more »

 “A fake smile may fool the crowd but it never eases the pain.”  – Kelly Brook “Turn that frown upside down!” “It takes 72 muscles to frown and only 14 to smile.” “You’d look prettier if you smiled.” “Smile! It won’t kill you” These phrases, and their variations, are often said by parents, and other... Read more »

These days, even a quick glance at the news causes pain and anxiety. Suicide bombs in Afghanistan, Hurricane Ida smashing into New Orleans, the Covid pandemic continues with the Delta variant causing death, vaccine deniers, political infighting, who needs to hear it? Today, a week before Rosh Hashanah, I present a nice story. A story... Read more »

It’s hard to speak about that which we can’t describe with words. I don’t say it’s impossible because if you pay attention to your own and others’ speech patterns for a day or so, you’ll be surprised at how often you’ll hear references to: “There are just no words to describe it.” “I was speechless.”... Read more »

Some people find writing easy. For others, every written communication takes real effort.  Which group do you fit into? If you fit into “Group 2,” as the leader of your organization, you’re stuck. Part of your job likely includes written communication with your donors.  Thank-you notes. Personal emails. Updates. Program reviews.  You probably spend lots... Read more »

Of all the great biblical personalities, I connect most to Joseph. Why? Because of his ability to forgive and see G-d’s hand in everything, even his own pain. When Joseph finally revealed his identity to the brothers who had sold him into slavery 22 years earlier, he told them not to worry. Everything that happened,... Read more »

In previous productivity steps we planned our work (Step 1,) put systems in place to keep our people informed and in sync (Step 2,) and rolled up our sleeves to get work done (Step 3.) Now, we turn our attention to Step 4, Sustaining for Maximal Productivity.  The final three components of Step 4 all... Read more »