It’s okay not to know… and to admit it. In a “social” world (sadly, often of the more superficial variety), in which we feel a constant urge to be smarter, more successful, happier, and better looking than the next person, it’s hard to start a post by admitting that I don’t know something. That it’s... Read more »

The need for continuous and inspired parent-child dialogue is about as deep a Jewish value as you will find. For millennia, we have used such communication as a means of inculcating within our offspring a deep sense of religious connection and understanding, while also keeping them focused on proper behaviors and values. In fact, the... Read more »

In Leadership Mastermind groups, participants share their personal challenges and get input and solutions from their peers. Moshe was struggling. As the lower school principal of a day school in northern New Jersey, Moshe was trying to stay afloat in a pandemic that has sapped all our energy and made school leadership – already a... Read more »