Yom Kippur ended and I took immediate action.

To make an important change in my life.

I’ve been building my presence on both Instagram and TikTok.

I see them as valuable platforms to further expand my reach and grow my coaching practice.

But between the time spent on each platform and some of the unsavory content in my feed, I felt like I was losing out spiritually and morally.

So, after eating the break fast with my family, I got my phone and uninstalled both apps.

I still have the accounts but I will reserve checking and engagement for when I’m at my desk.

I believe that this will greatly affect my ability to use my time and eyes more effectively.

Will keep you posted.

But either way, I’m proud that I took action that my head told me not to do, but my heart and soul knew was the right thing for me to get my new year off to a great start.

#newyearsresolutions #feedyoursoul #commitmenttoexcellence

Naphtali Hoff, PsyD, is an executive coach who helps busy leaders be more productive so they can scale profits with less stress and get home at a decent hour. Register for his free productivity webinar at naphtalihoff.com/webinar.

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