As we go about our daily affairs observing and interacting with our family, friends, acquaintances, and business associates, we are subconsciously (and sometimes consciously!) making judgments about others, either negatively or positively. Every interaction is entered into our mental computer. We can become inclined to judge people negatively. However, the Torah requires that we judge... Read more »
The commandment of Ahavat Yisrael – loving one’s fellow Jew – is one of Judaism’s more famous values. As Rabbi Akiva proclaims, “This is a major principle of the Torah!” Yet how can we love our neighbor as we love ourselves? The Sefer HaChinuch teaches that this mitzvah entails protecting another’s property, preventing him from... Read more »
The Stunning Power of Speech I Power of Speech I Speech is man’s defining quality. No other creature has the ability to communicate in an articulate, creative, and sensitive manner. This shiur will address how man’s words are invested with an almost cosmic power to shape the universe, just as God originally brought the universe into existence... Read more »
The Torah’s treatment of the topic of truth and falsehood is exquisitely sensitive. The mitzvah to “distance ourselves from falsehood” is not only a prohibition against outright verbal lies that cause direct or indirect loss to another, but includes a prohibition against any gesture or even an act of silence that results in a deceptive message being understood by... Read more »