Recently, we featured a blogpost called: 5 Easy Ways to Livestream Your Shiurim & Events. Following this post, a rabbi contacted us and asked the following question: “What is the easiest way to record my classes and share them with my congregants?”

Having an easy way to record, edit and share audio of your classes is important for both you and your organization. After all, having an easy way for people to listen to your classes online allows them the opportunity to”check out” your institution without having to walk through your doors.

Likewise, if a rabbi or educator is looking to move to another job or city, being able to share a link with a hiring committee to your audio classes, could be integral to you landing the new position!

When it comes to recording, editing and sharing audio—there are a lot of sites out there that all claim to offer the easiest way to share recording.

Let’s be honest. It’s never that simple. It can be hard to find a site that really “does the trick.”

In light of the above, we present you with the following chart (also see this link), courtesy of Richard Byrne. We are certain that it will help you choose the online platform that will work for you.


Will it work on an iPad or on an Android tablet?

Registration required?

Limitations on free plan.

File output / sharing options.

Additional features  and notes.

1) SoundCloud


iOS app

Android app


2 hours of stored recordings.

Download as MP3.

Embed codes for sharing.

Upload cover images for tracks.

2) Vocaroo


Web-browser only.

Flash required.


Recordings are deleted after 14 days.*

Download as MP3 and WAV.

Embed codes for sharing.

QR codes provided with each recording.

3) SoundTrap

Yes, if you use Chrome web browser on iPad / Android tablet.


5 recordings stored in free plan.

Download as MP3.

Embed codes for sharing.

Supports collaborative soundtrack editing.

4) AudioBoom


iOS app

Android app


Can use Edmodo log-in.**

Recordings limited to 10 minutes.

Embed codes for sharing.

Send to iTunes.

Upload cover images for recordings.

QR Codes for recordings.

5) TwistedWave

iPad – Yes

Android – No

Yes, if you want to record for more than 30 seconds.

Recordings limited to 20 minutes.

Download as MP3.

Export to Google Drive and or SoundCloud.

Optional Google Drive integration.


We hope you find this post useful and encourage you to bookmark this page as well as share it with friends and colleagues. Also, please don’t forget—if you have a question—do not hesitate to reach out to us at!

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