Non-profit leadership is hard work. We come to it wanting to make an impact with our teaching and services, but we often get bogged down by the things that we must do to keep ourselves viable, like fundraising and donor cultivation, back office management, and more. Making matters worse, our work is often isolating, moving us far away from our home communities and our peers. Which makes it very difficult when we feel stuck or have no one to turn to. 

Since last summer, I have been running mastermind groups for school leaders as well as small business owners. Mastermind groups bring together smart, like-minded professionals who want to learn from one another, solve each other’s most important and complicated issues, and engage in regular learning exercises that will take them to the next level in their professional development. 

I am starting a new group specifically targeting Jewish non-profit leaders who want to get more done, scale their impact, and belong to a nurturing, supportive community. Learn more about it here

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