The Baal Teshuva process involves tremendous growth and change, as well as constant obstacles. Baalei Teshuva often wish there was a guidebook that would support them along their way as they grow and make decisions that may alienate them from their families, friends, and the way of life that they once had. The Baal Teshuva Survival Guide by Dr. Lisa Aiken is this guidebook. Aiken is a world-renowned author and psychologist, and a Baalat Teshuva herself. She addresses all of the thorny issues that baalei teshuva face, giving psychological insights, compassions and sound, practical advice. Every Baal Teshuva will see themselves in some of the anecdotes that she presents. She helps Baalei Teshuva understand how their changes, and the ways that they present them to others, impact others and gives examples of how baalei teshuva can prevent many interpersonal frictions by taking others’ emotions into account.