KSE_SIddurThe Kabbalat Shabbat Experience Siddur

  • A Free, User-Friendly Prayer Book for Welcoming the Shabbat for Newcomers!
  • Featuring the Kabbalat Shabbat prayers in Hebrew, Hebrew Transliteration, and English
  • Including an overview of the Kabbalat Shabbat Service, short insights and essays

The Kabbalat Shabbat Experience Siddur is designed for rabbis and educators at Shuls, Kollels, outreach centers, and campus venues running Kabbalat Shabbat services for newcomers. The siddur was tested successfully on over three hundred students on programs visiting Israel.

The Kabbalat Shabbat Experience Siddur is designed in the universal A5 pdf format, for easy downloading, and standard book-size printing and binding. The siddur reads from right to left.

Please contact kabbalatshabbat@nleresources.com with any questions.