How do you organize and plan your shiurim, including your 1-on-1 sessions? If you are learning weekly with one of your partners, and he cancels one week, how do you remember what you were up to in the previous session? If you send him an email related to your learning (news clip, for example), how do you keep track of that
Rabbis and educators accompanied thousands of young adults, professionals, college students and JWRP participants throughout the Land of Israel this summer. These trips expose your students to many inspiring classes and scenes, and by extension, can help you in continuing to help them strengthen their commitment to Judaism. Indeed, there are some students
The Art of Amazement Haggada: Leader’s Edition is a new, one-of-a-kind, kiruv-friendly haggada! The goal of this haggada is to communicate the haggada to every type of Jew you may have at  your table. Your guests will certainly feel that the Seder, including Maggid, really was enjoyable. To achieve this, I have written drashas so they can be appreciated... Read more »