How do you organize and plan your shiurim, including your 1-on-1 sessions?

If you are learning weekly with one of your partners, and he cancels one week, how do you remember what you were up to in the previous session?

If you send him an email related to your learning (news clip, for example), how do you keep track of that correspondence and remember to ask him about it next time?

If you teach at a Day School or Hebrew School, how do you plan your lessons?

For years I’ve vacillated between printed and electronic organizers.

As a teacher, I have found it much more effective to plan on a paper Teacher Planner, where I can write the goals of each daily/weekly class and quickly review what I did the previous session, and put in advance holidays, birthdays, etc. The electronic apps and so on have never worked well for me. The problem is that every single teacher planner out there is made for a MondayFriday, September-June school schedule. And none of them have the Jewish holidays.

So after years of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, I finally created my own planner.


  • Week begins on Sunday
  • Complete monthly Jewish calendar
  • The Daas Seating Chart System
  • Parent phone log
  • Ample room for notes
  • And more….

Here it is:

Regular binding:

Spiral binding:

Click here for a sample that you can view online or download onto your computer. Hope this will help others out there, if not, at least I have the planner of my dreams!




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