Torah Live is graciously offering all NLE Resources registered users, the ability to use for FREE the amazing videos below (the videos are usually only free for home users but not for teachers): 1) Four animations about the laws of building a kosher sukka: How to Build a Sukka parts 1-4. 2) Four videos about the laws... Read more »
RABBI YITZCHAK BERKOVITZ Laws of the Four Species (Requires free registration, please scroll down to the shiur) RABBI ARYEH LEBOWITZ InYanei Sukkot Sleeping in Sukkah Sukkos Derasha: Past, Present and Future RABBI DOVID MILLER Hilchos Arba Minim RABBI YONASON SACKS InYanei Sukkot Sukkot Sukkot RABBI HERSHEL SCHACHTER Hilchos Sukkah Succos I 5766 (Mitzvas Sukkah) RABBI ZVI SOBOLOFSKY... Read more »
Articles The Secret of Sukka; The Greatest Destiny Eating Some Humble Pie… In the Sukkah, by Rabbi Naphtali Hoff Holding on to the Sukkah, by Rabbi Akiva Klein The Official Holiday Of Jewish History, by Rabbi Naphtali Hoff Why a Joy Filled Sukkot by Rabbi Aharon Lopianski Sukkot: The Universal Holiday by Rabbi Ari Kahn Lulav... Read more »
Below are of some amazing educational or Jewish-themed Prezis. Feel free to use them in your next class or even as a source of inspiration to design your very own Prezi. To view the Prezi, simply press the play button and then wait for the blue bar to load. Enjoy! Jewish and Educational Prezis Collection... Read more »