At NLE Resources, we keep our eye on the news to bring you timely articles and links that we think a rabbi or Jewish educator would find interesting! We have decided to share some of these links in a weekly feature on the blog.



1) Scared of negotiating? Here’s how to conquer that fear and start asking for more

2) 75% of NGOs worldwide regularly send email updates to donors and supporters

3) A warning for the sleep-deprived: there’s a proven link between effective leadership and getting enough sleep

4) Why Do Your Lips Get Chapped?

5) 27% of people who turn 65 today will spend at least $100,000 on long-term care. 15% face costs over $250,000

6) How your spouse’s personality is predictive of income, promotions, and job satisfaction

7) Investment in Israel-based startups slows

8) Americans’ Views on Mobile Etiquette

9) How To Get More Energy: 8 New Secrets Backed By Research

10) Chill your soda super fast with nothing but a paper towel


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