At NLE Resources, we keep our eye on the news to bring you timely articles and links that we think a rabbi or Jewish educator would find interesting! We have decided to share some of these links in a weekly feature on the blog. Enjoy!


1) How has Seth Godin ensured that his message will spread widely and for decades? 

2) Selfies: The New Boarding Pass

3) Adapting the Jewish Spiritual Practice of Mussar to Develop Business Students’ Character

4) Change your screen to grayscale to combat phone addiction

5) Cause Marketing: How These 20 Visual Campaigns Created Massive Impact

6) The language we use can shape students’ self-conceptions. Here’s how to make supportive choices

7) The Book Bill Gates Thinks Every Student Should Read

8) How to organize your accessories

9) Top Palestinian official: Western Wall should stay under Israeli sovereignty 

10) Here are 3 easy steps to boost your web engagement

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