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Proving the Torah II – from
Avraham’s converts did not merely believe Avraham that he heard G-d talk to him. That’s not how Avraham convinced them to be Jewish. Rather, he proved to them that G-d is One, and idolatry is a fraud.

A Rational Approach to the Torah’s Divine Origin – by Rabbi Leib Keleman
Never does a large, clearly identifiable group of people experience prophecy and live to tell others about it. The one known exception to this rule is Judaism.

Torah From Sinai – by Rabbi Yisroel Chait
Judaism, while basing itself on a cataclysmic event-revelation, it does not look to miracles as the source of its intimate relationship with God. God’s revelation at Sinai was a one-time occurrence never to be repeated.

Torah Min Ha-shamayim: The Divine Origin of the Torah – by David Silverberg
Maimonides begins his presentation of this belief as follows: “We shall believe that this entire Torah that is in our possession today is the Torah that was given to Moshe, and that it was [transmitted] in its entirety directly from the Almighty.” Maimonides here speaks of two basic

beliefs: the correlation between the Torah currently “in our possession” and that conveyed at Sinai, and the divine origin of the latter (and thus, by extension, of the former).

Living Up to the Truth: Revelation and Miracles-the Kuzari Principle – by Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb
The Kuzari’s argument proceeds by investigating the second alternative, that the event didn’t happen, that the story was made up and was sold. The argument shows that the second alternative is not credible.

Did God Speak at Mt. Sinai? –  by Nechemia Coopersmith
The Torah’s claim is that the entire people heard God speak at Mount Sinai, experiencing national revelation. God did not just appear to Moses in a private rendezvous; He appeared to everyone, some 3 million people. This claim is mentioned many times in the Torah.


Why do I Believe the Torah is Divine and Uniquely So – by David Guttman
Be it as it may, from a religious point the most important happening was the acceptance by the Jews of the Torah and its system. They committed themselves and their future generations, to keep, cherish, nurture and develop the system within the parameters set out by the Torah. They made a covenant to that effect.

Response to Hmmm  – from Kankan Ne’lam
A response to a comments on the previous post, Resisting Sinai.”  It addresses misconceptions people have about the Torah Mi Sinai principle.


Torah Mi Sinai: A Definition – by Rabbi Hershel Schachter
What exactly do we mean when we say we believe in Torah Mi Sinai-the significance beyond the historical event.

Festivals I – Shavout – Seeing Sound – by Rabbi Akiva Tatz
Explains the difficulties surrounding the event or receiving the Torah on Har Sinai.

Historical Verification of the Torah-Sinai and Miracles – by Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb
How do accept accounts of events we did not encounter ourselves?

A Rational Approach to Judaism’s Divine Origin – by Rabbi Leib Kelemen
How the revelation on Har Sinai is different from the origins of other religions and the logic behind its belief.


Proof that Torah is Divine – by Rabbi Kin

A Rational Approach to the Divine Origin of Judaism – by Rabbi Leib Kelemen

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