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The Power of the Spoken Word – from the Shmuz
Words – while merely speech – are a powerful force.

The Power of the Spoken Word – from
Orchot Tzadikim (“Ways of the Righteous”) comments: “Before you speak, you are the master of your words. After you speak, your words master you.”

The Power of the Spoken Word – Torah Attitude by Rabbi Avraham Kahn
We need to learn the lesson that the spoken word can make or break every part of our existence.

Abracadabra-The Power of the Spoken Word – from
Why does the Torah hold us accountable for a vow every time we say something, no matter how haphazard or in jest the saying?

Parshas Chukas-The War of the Words – Rabbi Berel Wein on the Parsha
The Torah invests a great deal of worth into the power of speech.

Metzora: Open House, Closed Doors – Torah in Motion
To state that Judaism demands restraint in speech would be to understate the case.

A Time for Silence, A Time for Speech – Rabbi Dr Tzvi Hersh Weinreb on the parsha
The Chofetz Chaim believed that one must use his gifts of speech, and use them widely and frequently, yet wisely and carefully.

The Power of the Spoken Word-Vows – Chassidic Insights on the Parsha-the-Parsha Through the Lens of a Chassidishe Maaseh A Chassidishe story on the power of speech.

The Unique Potency of a Jewish Woman’s Speech, as Heard Through the Seven Prophetesses – by Rebbitzen Tehilla Jaeger
Part 1
Part 2
A brief look at each prophetess through the prism of speech, provides insight into the many ways we can use speech to unlock our own potential.

Speech and Harm – from the New York Times
What makes specific words harmful?


The Speaker if the House – from Timeless Torah
We formally introduce the SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, the one who SPOKE and the universe came to be.

Balak – from Torah Hub
It seems very clear that the spoken word is powerful, regardless of the mindset or complete lack thereof of the speaker!

The Power of Speech: Rabbi Nachman – from Netiv
Speech has tremendous power. If you know how, you can even whisper to a gun so that it cannot shoot.


Kinder Torah on the Parsha – by Rabbi Simcha Groffman
See Heavy Duty Tools on Parshas Bereishis


The Power of Speech – from the Shmuz
Of our activities why does the Torah see improper speech as such a severe transgression. What is so egregious, so horrific? After all its only words.. ..


The Power of Speech – From Simple to Remember

Kabbalah Toons-The Power of Peh – from

The Power of Words – by Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg

The Power of Speech – by Rabbi Sammy Sitt

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