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  • Speech and Lashon Ho-Ra – From Judaism 101 The laws that are most difficult to keep, that are most commonly violated even by observant Jews, are the laws regarding improper speech.
  • Ethics of Speech – From
    The Chofetz Chaim lists a staggering 31 mitzvahs that may be violated by speaking or listening to lashon hora illustrating how important it is to remember how carelessness can lead one into deep trouble.
  • Covenant & Conversation – From Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
    Evil speech, lashon ha-ra, was considered by the sages to be one of the worst sins of all.
  • Lashon Hora Told Under Believable Circumstances –  From
    Guidelines for speech in public and in front of others.
  • Gossip – From
    Just as the negative consequences of speech can be so vast, the positive consequences of proper speech are even greater.
  • Lashon Hora – From Halacha Yomit
    Questions and Answers on Lashon Hora.
  • Lashon Hora – by Rabbi Duvi Bensassoun
    When can you speak and when can you believe?
  • What’s so Bad About Lashon Hora Anyway? – by Jeremy Freedman
    Why do we no longer have tzaraas today, what’s so bad about Lashon Harah anyway, and how does this all affect – and reflect – our relationship with Hashem?
  • Purifying Our Children – by Rabbi Yisrael Pesach Feinhandler
    Learning a powerful lesson on the power of lashon hora from the Chofetz Chaim.
  • Journalism, Controversy and Responsibility: Halachic Analysis – from Journal of Halacha & Contemporary Society XLI; Spring 2001- From 5761
    What are the halachic guidelines for newspaper reporting and how does this affect investigative reporting for a Jewish Newspaper?

Blogs & Links

  • The Lost light – A feature film about the laws of Shmirat Halashon by
  • Lashon Hora-An Event the Impacted my Life – from
    One act of lashon hara (gossip) ruined lifelong friendships and impacted family relationships.
  • Lashon Hora-Its not just Gossip – from the Jewish Press
    But there is another component to lashon hara, literally, “bad speech”, that is often overlooked.
  • Is it Lashon Hora? – from
    A discussion about the laws of lashon hora about unspecified subjects.
  • Michael Jackson: Better off Dead? – from
    Did we slowly kill him by constantly speaking badly of him?
  • Lashon Hora and Tzara’at – from On the Weekly Torah Portion
    Tzara’at was reserved for people that, due to their job, position in society, background, etc., should have known better than to commit the sin they committed.
  • Lashon Hora Lies in the Heart – from Mashiach is Coming
    The real source of the problem of Lashon Ha’ra lies in the heart, in our attitude toward people and toward the world.
  • Lashon Hora – from
    Questions and answers from the rabbinic convention.




Don’t Speak Lashon Hora – from Tzvi Gluckin

I Heard Lashon Hora, Now What? – by Rabbi Chaim Mintz

The Evil of Lashon Hora – by Rabbi Hanoch Teller

Lashon Hora – a Children’s Video

About Lashon Hora – by Rabbi David Abrahamovitz

Teaching Children the Power of the Tongue – by Rebbitzen Tzipporah Heller

The Late Show’s Paul Shaffer on the OU’s National Day of Lashon Hara Awareness

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