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The Laws of Torah Study, Part 1 – by Rabbi Eliezer Melamed
The most important commandment in the Torah is, without a doubt, the commandment to study Torah. The Sages teach that Torah study is equal to all of the other commandments combined. They also teach that the reward for the study of Torah is equal to the combined rewards of all other commandments

Torah Study in the Modern World – by Rabbi Yehuda Amital
Torah study has great importance specifically in our times. Every profession requires education.

Torah Study vs. Earning a Livelihood – by Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld
Any of us who have tasted the real thing — Torah study at an advanced level, know how tempting it is to just forget the rest of the world and focus on our own study and acquisition of the Torah: there is just so much to learn. But ultimately, our Torah knowledge is only real and concrete when we have used it to impact on the world at large.

Torah Study – by Rachel Keren
A survey of the halachos and history of Women’s torah learning.

Torah – by Rabbi Berel Wein
Throughout Jewish history the Torah has always made its way and preserved the people of Israel even in its darkest hours. It is available to all and its study by all should be a major goal of our society and its leadership. The words of Rav Saadia Gaon (9th century Iraq) “Our nation is a nation because of the Torah” ring loud and true in our generation as well.


How Is My Learning? Proposing an Annual Jewish Learning Checkup – by Rabbi Mishael Zion
If the High Holidays are the time we inspect our behavior toward others, and Passover the time we take stock of our freedom, then Shavuot, being a celebration of our becoming the “People of the Book,” should be about how we are doing at learning.

What the World Revolves Around – by Rabbi Yosef Tropper
immediately before Shavuos. For one, the lesson of the parsha is that every single Jew is significant and counted! This ties in to the lesson and importance of Shavuos which is that every person has a portion in Torah that he or she can learn, comprehend and express.


The Role of Talmud Study Yesterday and Today – by David Rosen
immediately before Shavuos. For one, the lesson of the parsha is that every single Jew is significant and counted! This ties in to the lesson and importance of Shavuos which is that every person has a portion in Torah that he or she can learn, comprehend and express.

The Importance of Full Time Torah Study – by Michael Rappaport
One need not agree with the haredi way of life to appreciate and respect their unique and necessary role in Israeli society.

Judaism: Does Torah Study Override Army Service? – by Rabbi Eliezer Melamed
All the same, it must be understood that the most important mitzvah is Torah study, and there is no mitzvah that guards and maintains the nation of Israel more than it.

Why Should I Study Torah? – from Beyond BT
I was talking to a Rav recently, who also is a high school teacher, and he felt that many frum teenagers are not connected to the Torah they are learning. They don’t really see how the sugyas in the Gemora or the Parsha is relevant to their every day life. How would you answer the question: “Why Should I Study Torah?” How would you answer the question: “How is the Gemorah Relevant to a Teenager?”

Torah Games? Bringing Torah to Life Through Game Design – by Joshua Stanton
In truly rabbinic fashion, a new question has emerged to answer the longstanding challenge of Jewish education: Could it be that the goals could be achieved through games — not simply by playing them, but also in designing them?

Why Toil in My Torah Studies – by Chaya Sarah Silberg
In Torah study, it’s not only the end result, the knowledge, that’s important. Equally important, or perhaps even more important, is the process by which we acquire the learning.


Torah of Life – by Rabbi Chaim Tabasky
When Torah is no more than a rule book, and intellectual knowledge is the central focus, then we are missing something.

Generation of Sinai-The Power of Torah Learning – by Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein
Children learning Torah is even more important than building the Temple.

Importance of Torah – by Rabbi Natanel Lebowitz
Maybe we don’t feel the importance of Torah because we don’t want it badly enough.

The Importance of Learning Torah – by Rabbi Mendel Blachman
Only with learning Gemara b’Iyun do we attain the ultimate attachment to God. How can this be?

The Importance of YOUR Learning – by Rabbi Yehuda Balsam
We create a lack by not claiming our protion of Torah learning.

The Everlasting Torah in an Ever Changing World – By Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg
The Torah is Hashem’s wisdom, and Hashem never changes, and it follows the Torah never changes. The modern world is consistently changing its definition of morality (for the worse) and we need to always view everything based on the nitzchi Torah.


The Physical Pleasures Of Learning Torah – by Rabbi Noach Isaac Oelbaum

The Halacha And Chiyuv Of Talmud Torah – by Rabbi Yossi Mizrachi

The Reward for Learning Torah – by Rabbi Moshe N. Reichman

The Path to G-dliness – by Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller

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