These additional resources that we have culled from around the web are meant to enhance the NLE Morasha Syllabus class entitled, The Jewish Understanding of God. We are certain that these resources can help you further impact your audience! If you know of any additional resources that we should add on to this page, please let us know by contacting us here.


The Name of God – from Jewish Virtual Library
The name conveys the nature and essence of the thing named. Judaism clearly recognizes the existence of a Name for God; in fact, we have many Names for God.

Understanding God – from
The Creator of space and time is unique from all existence.

The Nature of God – from Judaism 101
Most areas of Jewish belief are open to significant dispute, but not the nature of the Creator.

Is There Anything We Know About God – from
God is not entirely beyond comprehension.

Five Things We Know About God – from
God is one and every moment is in fact a new act of His creation.

Proving the Existence of God from Intelligent Design – from
Three proofs of the existence of God.

The Nature of God – from Jewish Virtual Library
While God is an abstract idea there are many concrete things we know about Him.

Why Study History of Judaism – from Simple to Remember
The Jewish conception of God is that of Creator, Sustainer and Supervisor, which means not a God who created the world and then went on vacation to Miami, but an infinite Being who is actively involved in creation.

Imbuing Your Child With Emunah and Bitachon – from the Jewish Press
The challenge is to engrain a vision of Hashem that can grow along with your children.


Hashem’s Ways Are Straight – from
Hashem is like a tree whose head is bent down to its roots. Hashem who is up in the heavens descends to be with us.

There are None Besides Him – by Lazer Brody
“There is none beside Him,” is the key to understanding everything that happens to us, both on a broad national scale and on a personal private scale.

Stop Playing God – from
Eighty percent of our emunah problems and ninety percent of our questions on Hashem stem from one mistake — we play God.

Answers for Children who are Questioning Hashem’s Ways – by Rabbi Yakov Horowitz
In order to understand things, we need to see a ‘full story.’


How Does One Explain God to Little Kids? – from Mi Yodeya
Ideas about teaching the concept of God to children.


Unity of God – by Rebbitzen Tziporah Heller

Who is Like God – by Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen

Hashem as the Ultimate Perfection – by Rebbitzen Tziporah Heller

God the Inconceivable – by Rabbi Yom Tov Glazer

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