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Providence and Suffering by Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb
We all know cases of good people who suffer terrible agonies for no obvious reason. From a religious perspective this disturbs us because it seems to contradict certain basic Jewish beliefs.

Mirrors of Our Lives by Rebbitzen Holly Pavlov
When bad things happened to good people, our ancestors did not shrug their shoulders and say, “Things happen because they happen.” Instead, they probed deeply into their situations, attempting to understand God’s message to them, and then sought solutions.

A Torah Understanding of Suffering by Rabbi Jeff Forsythe
We know that everything that G-d does is for the good (Brachos 60b). The wise person understands that suffering is a kindness from G-d (Radak to Psalms 107:43).

Suffering from
What exactly is the benefit of suffering that made it necessary in the fulfillment of God’s Desire to bestow these gifts upon the Jewish People?

Discipline and Torah by Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb
It is through the processes of discipline and suffering that we develop and are transformed. Both processes are painful, sometimes profoundly so. But through both, we widen our horizons, enhance our spirits, and attain a deeper understanding of our life’s purpose.

Rav Isaac Sher – The Beauty of Suffering & the Torment of Gehinom from
While suffering in the next world is a punishment for our sins, suffering in this world is an opportunity for advancement.


A Halachic Approach to Suffering by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik
How does the Halakha handle the problem of human despair.

Suffering by Rabbi Steven S. Schwarzschild
The presence of suffering in the world poses a problem for religion insofar as it seems to contradict the notion of an all powerful benevolent God. It would seem that if God were good, He would not want His creatures to suffer, and if, all powerful, He would be able to prevent their suffering. Judaism has attempted to cope with the problem of suffering in various ways.


The Kindness of Suffering by Jacob Stein
Although any rational person must be overwhelmed by the kindness and goodness of God and the care which He devotes to sustaining all life every moment, however we must also look briefly at the pain and suffering which exists in the world. It too is an example of God’s kindness and majesty.

God Recognizes His People’s Sufferings by Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald
It was specifically when the Israelites began to labor without complaint, that G-d concluded that it was time for them to be liberated. Otherwise, there would be little possibility of rehabilitating them from the depths of their misery and sorrow.

When We Can’t See the Good in Things: The Torah on Challenge and Adversity by Rabbi Yoseph Kahanov
The Torah makes absolutely no pretenses about the reality of adversity and challenge, even as it maintains G-d’s full power and control.

Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People from


Thank You Hashem for the Suffering?! by Rabbi Avrohom M. Alter
It is difficult to understand thanking the one who saves us when he is also the one who causes our suffering.

Responses to Suffering by Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb
One would think that If a good and just God is running the worldnthen the people who follow his directives should have good lives, but this picture is a mistake.

The Positive value of Suffering by Rabbi Ari Kahn
Hashem gave and Hashem took away. Either way I have to bless Hashem.


Suffering by Rabbi Simon Jacobson & Mrs. Shimona Tzukernik

Embracing Suffering by Rabbi Benzion Shafier

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