These additional resources that we have culled from around the web are meant to enhance the NLE Morasha Syllabus class entitled, Controlling Anger. We are certain that these resources can help you further impact your audience! If you know of any additional resources that we should add on to this page, please let us know by contacting us here.


Anger Management – from the Mayo Clinic
Simple tactics, such as taking a timeout or making an “I” statement can help keep your anger under control.

Controlling Anger Before it Controls You – from the American Psychological Association
Uncontrolled anger can be damaging to all areas of your life. Instead of being controlled by your anger learn to understand it and how to manage this powerful emotion.

Anger – from the OU Pardes Project
Does Anger have a positive place in the world?

Anger – from
Anger should be used in moderation.

Handling Anger and Quarrels – Rabbi Forsythe on Perfecting Your Relationship and Self
Anger is a very serious matter which is central to many crucial aspects of life; particularly, to interpersonal relationships, personal self-perfection and marriage.

The Anger of Sadness – Maimonides on Life by Dovid Rosenfeld
Being angry at others is not the same as being outraged at misconduct.

Anger Control – by Yaakov Lieder
Change your negative state by acting the opposite way with your body.

What Causes Anger? – from Ted Conversations
Different opinions on what causes anger and how to control it.


Chukat 5773-2013 – Rabbi Buchenwald on the Parsha
Were Moshe and Ahron justified in their anger with Klal Yisroel?

Halacha’s Opposition to Anger and a First Exception – by Rabbi Gidon Rothstein
The places and uses for anger.

The Two Sides of My Anger –  from
An angry outburst is transformed into fuel for personal growth.

Dealing with Anger and Children – by Miriam Adahan
Productive ways to deal with your children’s anger.

Controlling Anger  –  Anger, G-d and Judaism – by Nachum Mohl
A person’s anger is measure of their service to HaShem.

Getting Angry at Kids – by Rabbi David Samson
When a teacher finds that his anger with his students is affecting his patience with his children what should he do?


Parshas Chukas – Kinder Torah on the Parsha
Teaching the danger of anger to children.


Dealing with your Anger -by Rabbi Warren Goldstein
The harm that anger can cause and how to deal with it.


A Person Can Control Their Anger – by Rabbi Chaim Mintz

How to Limit Anger – from the Honorable Mentchen Series by Rabbi Hanoch Teller

Do you Lose Your Temper? – We lose more than our tempers when we get angry

Anger Management Techniques – you can learn to control your anger.