These additional resources that we have culled from around the web are meant to enhance the NLE Morasha Syllabus class entitled, Hospitality to Guests. We are certain that these resources can help you further impact your audience! If you know of any additional resources that we should add on to this page, please let us know by contacting us here.


The Mitzvahs of Hospitality to Guests – from Jewish Virtual Library
Hachnasas orchim, an obligation to help those who are hungry or need a place to stay.

Tzedakah and Hospitality – from Shema Yisrael
A part of the divine mandate to share our resources with those in need

Jewish Hospitality – from
Learning about hachnasas orchim from Avraham Avinu.

The Hospitality of Avraham and Lot – from
The differences in hospitality between Avraham and Lot.


Cartoons About Hosting Guests -from Rabbi Riddle
Appropriate for Children


A Short Shiur on Hospitality – from
Hospitality is so important we are reminded from chuppah to take care of anyone who needs our help.


Say Little Do Much – a story from Rebbitzen Riddle.
A student shows how much he has learned about hosting guests.

Make a Welcome Mat – from
A craft idea

A Parsha Cake Idea – from Hands on the Parsha
Have Avraham and his guests over for dessert.

Welcoming Guests – from
A hosting guests story for children. Reb Isser teaches his talmid to open the door to anyone on a cold and stormy night.


Remembering the Holtzbergs – A Modern Day Avraham and Sarah

Rabbi Hanoch Teller teaches about hospitality as part of loving another as oneself

Etiquette For Houseguests – from San Antonio Living

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