These additional resources that we have culled from around the web are meant to enhance the NLE Morasha Syllabus class entitled, Visiting the Sick. We are certain that these resources can help you further impact your audience! If you know of any additional resources that we should add on to this page, please let us know by contacting us here.
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What’s Involved in Visiting the Sick – by Nachum Mohl
Visiting the sick can be uncomfortable, but it is worthwhile since it helps the person you visit.

The Mitzvah of Visiting the Sick – from the Jewish Press
Visitng the Sick on Shabbos

10 Tips for Visiting the Sick – from ButYouDon’
Tips from a professional patient.

Teaching Children About Visiting the Sick – from the Philadelphia Jewish Voice
Practical tips on teaching children how to visit the sick.

Interview with a Woman who Plays Music for Hospital Patient – from
Illustrates one of the many ways to visit the sick


Cartoons About Visiting the Sick – from
Even visiting the sick can be funny. Appropriate for children.

Medical Clowning – from Shlomo Taitz’s Blog
A photo blog on medical clowning. Another creative way to visit the sick.


Bikor Cholim- What do you achieve when you visit the sick? Wouldn’t you want visitors if you were sick?

Laws of Visiting the Sick – How to fulfill the mitzvah

Two Minutes of Torah – Visiting the Sick

How not to Visit the Sick – Maybe think twice before you ask the wrong question

Hadassah Hospital’s Virtual Get Well Card – Who said Drs can’t have fun.