I spent a lot of my married life in “quarantine.” We had bone marrow transplants and other types of illness that were possibly fatal to my husband, so we had to stay home. Although my children went to school, they had to change clothes and shower the second they got home without touching anything, so as not to infect my husband a”h with anything they might be carrying. Many times during flu season etc., I kept my kids home just in case. So basically, this being home feeling like we are in isolation and not living our “normal” lives is something I’m used to. Why am I telling you this? Because I learned a few things from these times. Here are a few things I’ve learned:

1. We are not in control of anything! Not of life situations and not of outcome. But we are in control of our reactions and our actions.

2. Hashem is with us in every second of every day. Even when we don’t see or feel Him.

3. Most important things in our lives are not physical ones. It’s not the money, the fashion, the physical beauty or the keeping up with our social circles, it’s our loved ones who matter most.

4. Each day we create memories for ourselves, our families our friends and those around us. What memories would you want to leave behind? Once you can answer that, then live that way!

5. Make this time a vivid memory for your families of fun, togetherness and love for one another.

6. Time is valuable, use it wisely.

7. Fear incapacitates us in terrible ways and makes it very hard to function. It also takes us far away from connecting to Hashem.

8. Focus on all your blessings that we don’t usually stop to think about! We have lots of time now.

9. Daven hard and ask for redemption. We have time to do that now.

10. I’m very happy we are not in charge and that I don’t have to worry because Hashem is in charge and He knows exactly what He’s doing. We follow what rabbis and the government tell us, but worry does not need to be part of that equation. By following what we are told and being cautious we are doing mitzvos!

I hope this helps some. We are all in this together from our own homes. Spread love and life to as many as you can with phone calls, emails and messages. We live in a time where this can be accomplished; even though we are in “isolation,” we are not alone. Let’s be a light to the nations.



Naomi Rivka Most runs Aish Destinations program and lost her husband Eric 2 years ago after 11years of fighting cancer.


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