On Sukkot, we take a break from our normal lives to remember how Hashem sustained the Jewish People for forty years in the desert – a place so desolate that, according to the laws of nature, they shouldn’t have survived for more than a few days.

Why do we dwell in the sukkah each year? What do the seven days of sitting in the sukkah teach us about our lives and our faith? What can we learn about fear, worry and survival on the holiday of Sukkot?

Watch Rabbi Dan Roth answer all these questions in Torah Live’s video – Sukkot: The Ultimate Shelter. It can also be viewed here.

Registered users of Torah Live can watch additional parts of the Sukkot video series for free. Paying members can view the entire series and also have an option to purchase the Teacher’s Version offering Educator’s Guides and classroom teaching materials.

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