Nowadays, the first thing that many people look at or touch in the morning is their cellphone.  And so, capitalizing on the fact that people look at their phones seemingly hundreds of times throughout the day, there are several shuls (see here and here) who have set up “virtual pushkas”so that their congregants can give charity using their cellphone. This method of charity has quickly gone viral. In fact, in the aftermath of the tragic earthquake that occurred in Haiti, over $9 million dollars was raised solely through this method!

In light of the Jewish community being devasated by Hurricane Sandy and people losing their homes, shuls, cars, and so on and so forth, many Jewish organizations  across the country—small and large—are using technology to raise funds or help needy people with Shabbos plans (see here and here).

If you are looking to fundraise in this convenient way, we have compiled a list of reputable websites that you can use so that people can text and donate in this easy fashion:

If you are lookng for a way to include your fundraising efforts into Facebook, you may want to consider using Here is a link to Chani Weinfeld’s Fundrazr account. She has used it to raise over $16,000.00 for the Goodman family!


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