In this post, we want to highlight a new tool called HelloSign. This free service is a productivity booster that allows you to apply your signature to any document online. Plus, they have now updated it so that you can easily fill out and sign documents directly in Gmail. No need to print. No need to sign and fax or scan the documents that need your signature. With HelloSign you can conveniently sign documents in a few clicks of your mouse.

The HelloSign Gmail plugin allows a user to open, edit, and sign documents online or in Gmail and automatically loads the signed and edited document as an attachment to be sent. Please note: It is now only available in Chrome but will be added as a plugin to Firefox. It is not available in Internet Explorer or the Safari browser. All signed documents are legally binding and automatically backed up in the user’s HelloSign account with other documents.  According to the San Francisco startup, Gmail creator Paul Buchheit said, “HelloSign for Gmail is awesome!”

“We looked at the document-signing process and saw a lot of unnecessary friction,” said HelloSign CEO Joseph Walla. “So we scrapped everything and set out to make the process of responding to a signature request as easy as possible. Since virtually every signature request comes via email, we built the signature process into the email workflow and the result is the easiest way to sign a document.”

How can HelloSign help you the Jewish educator, rabbi or administrator?

HelloSign can benefit you in many ways: It can help a person stay focused on the tasks at hand. It can help a busy teacher quickly take care of administrative tasks, and can help a busy rabbi or administrator easily sign checks, grants, and more. Best of all, all signatures are legally binding and backed up in your HelloSign account. HelloSign even offers reusable documents so you can simply zip over common documents with a request for signature. And then, with a few clicks, the document can be sent to the recipient as a PDF saving you time and money.

HelloSign might also be useful for Mechiras Chametz – particularly for those less-observant or out-of-town constituents who won’t make it to shul to meet you face-to-face.  Of course, you might want to speak to a rav about it, but for an interesting article on selling chametz in cyberspace, clickhere.

You can download HelloSign for FREE here!!

See how it works in the short videos below.


h/t: TechCrunch


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