After many years in yeshiva, followed by even more years of leading your own Pesach Seder, you have filled many pages with notes on every paragraph in the Haggadah. And yet, to be able to print your own thoughts on the Haggadah so that you can share them with your friends, family, students, congregants, and donors, has always been something that you didn’t even consider.

After all, you had assumed that it would just be too cumbersome to organize and print a Haggadah that would end up looking appealing to both yourself and others.

But, now you can!

Rabbi Gil Student has pointed out that TES has made the Haggadah Publisher – Lite Edition available at a discounted price!

The Haggadah Publisher – Lite Edition version comes complete with the Hebrew text and the vowels, so that even a beginner will find your Haggadah easy to read and follow. And while you certainly can add in your own translation, TES also supplies an easy-to-read English translation of the Haggadah, along with a nice assortment of original graphics and photos to bring your Haggadah to life.

Just think – this can be a great way to personalize your Pesach Seder. You can also use the Haggadah as a great gift. We encourage you to spread the word and bookmark this page for future reference.



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