Raising money for your nonprofit can be a difficult task. It goes without saying that one of the unique ways to raise additional funds is to try to get your congregants (if you are the executive director of a shul) and parent body (if you oversee a school) to check with their employers regarding corporate matching. In so doing, you could easily double your donations!

Below, we will explore the option of a matching donor program, and share some relevant tips for you to help promote this concept to different types of donors.


In order to raise awareness of this concept, make sure that those whom you consider to be your core donor base, know the six different kinds of corporate giving.

Also, whenever these type of donors make a gift to your organization, make sure that you leave a strong impression. It is important that they always know that their contribution is valued. The best way to do so is by adding some personal flare.

Try a “thank you” prompt after their donation or a sincere email to express your organization’s gratitude. Within this “thank you,” make sure to also drop in a line promoting corporate matching gift programs.

You may also want to consider sending your dedicated donors pictures of projects they help fund. This is a visual that will further, foster a lasting personal connection with them.

Building lasting impressions, will make sure that donors remember your organization. Plus, the more that a donor becomes invested in what you offer, the more they will do their best to stretch their dollars. In so doing, they may even encourage their place of work to start a matching donation program!


People who are new to your organization, don’t immediately think to check their company HR manuals to see if donations can be matched. More often than not, employees of companies that match donations are simply skipping the whole process.

We recommend that you modify your existing donation page on your website to encourage people to see if their employers offer donation matching programs.

If you want to take this idea further consider the following: As a community kollel or school, you operate only locally. Research local organizations that offer matching donations. Then add a prompt on your donation page for users to identify if they work for a list of selected companies.


All in all, lack of donor awareness could be costing you vital revenue. Don’t let your own faculty make the same mistake! Encourage them to check with their friends and family and let them know that there are easier ways to direct additional funds to the school that they work at than tediously collecting box tops for education!

To learn even more about these type of programs, visit Double the Donation which works with nonprofit organizations to help them increase fundraising from employee matching gift and volunteer grant programs.



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