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PowerPoint templates are an easy and effective way for any rabbi or educator to make his presentations look sophisticated—without having to spend hours manipulating them yourself. There are quite a few places which will happily sell you professional-looking PowerPoint templates, but the truth is that there is really no need to pay for them.

There are plenty of sites which allow you to download smart templates completely free. Listed below, are the top 10 places that you will find completely free PowerPoint templates to download.

Google Images

Perhaps one of the quickest ways to find a PowerPoint template that works for you is simply by searching good images. Here you can save an image to use as the background to your slides, but then it is up to you to apply these changes. Also, some of the templates available in this way already have writing on them which will need to be edited out before you can use the template effectively.

Microsoft Website

Microsoft itself does offer a considerable range of PowerPoint templates to download free of charge. Simply follow the link below to see what Microsoft has to offer.


This site offers a wide range of fairly decent free PowerPoint templates, but it doesn’t allow you to view the pictures of the templates on the homepage, so you have to individually click on each one to see it. This is a bit of a pain, but the slides are given accurate names which describe what is on the slide, so you can rule out the irrelevant ones immediately.


Presentation Magazine

This site has a collection of 23,424 free PowerPoint templates which are broken down into categories so you can easily find the right template for you. Not all of the templates are the best quality. Some look fairly cheap and tasteless, but there is so much choice that it’s easy to find something to suit your needs.

Templates Wise

These templates are not just organized into categories. There are also collections which might be appropriate to business or finance, so you are quickly directed to templates which are of the most use to you. These templates are often very simple, perhaps not as sophisticated as many of the other sites listed here.

Powerpoint Styles

This is another fantastic website which offers more than 250 free PowerPoint templates to download. All of the templates are sorted into categories so that you can manually flick through the slides to find one you like. Furthermore, all of the templates are tagged with relevant words so that you can search all 250 of the templates with a keyword if you are looking for something specific.


Flickr is a great forum for people to post photos and images. PowerPoint templates are one of the exciting things which you can download for free on Flickr and there are some great ones available.


Many users on Pinterest have posted themed PowerPoint templates which you can access for free. This is great if you are looking for something in a particular category to complement a specific presentation.


This site not only offers free PowerPoint templates, with new ones added daily, but it also offers online tutorials on how to make the most out your PowerPoint software to make your presentations as impressive as possible.

Brainy Betty

On this site you can find hundreds of free PowerPoint templates along with free photos, music and animations to jazz up your presentations.


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    Thanks for the list. I would also add to it, it has many great PPT templates, and all of them are free.

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