One of the greatest joys that a rabbi or educator can feel is when their student or congregant has really mastered the ability to learn halachic works or a daf of Gemara on their own. At the same time, even those who reach this level struggle when they come across an unknown keyword or phrase. After all, only someone who spends years in yeshiva truly knows the meaning of each of these terms and can explain how it applies to the rest of the sugya or halacha in a clear fashion.

Thankfully, Rabbi Leib Zalesch, the director of operations, of the Dat Minyan in Denver has created The Online Anthology of Keywords and Phrases for Talmudic and Halachic Sources. The way in which he has sturctured the anthology is that the column in the middle contains the keyword or phrase. In order to provide some context where necessary, he has sometimes included common words that may precede or follow the keyword or phrase in the columns on the right and left. The alphabetization and translation, however, follow the key terms in the center column.

We are certain that this free resource is one worth saving and bookmarking as it can act as a helpful point of reference for any of your students and congregants who may still struggle in learning when they come across a common or rare keyword or phrase.



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