I have recently put together a multimedia curriculum that explains how the Torah is a system of values that seeks to help perfect our character (midos) and thus collectively perfect and improve the entire world.

It explains (based on the approach of Rav S. R. Hirsch) how all of the mitzvos in the Torah can be organized into nine values of: Compassion (Chesed), Wisdom (Limud), Justice (Mishpat), Stewardship (Pekudim), Self-control (Chukim), Holy Days (Moadim), Jewish Symbols (Edos) , Jewish Attitudes (Toros), and Prayer (Avodah).

These values all mesh together in a holistic manner to make us into truly refined and great people that help to perfect the world. I have called the series “Be The Change You Wish To See In The World.”

It is divided into 10 classes. Each mitzva is fully explored with the use of:

  • trigger films
  • an exploration of its philosophy & rationale
  • moral dilemmas
  • and inspiring stories

I have taught this series many times here in Boston to both teenagers and adults and Baruch Hashem it was met with great success.

I am happy to share all of this material free of charge to all of the NLEResources.com readership. It can all be accessed here.

The files include the classes, the videos, the flyers, instructions on how to present this, and a link to a printed workbook.



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