The Art and Science of Melamdus is an online on-demand course available for all mechanchim and mechanchos. The course consists of four modules: Planning and Delivering a Shiur, Classroom Management, Discipline and Understanding Learning Styles, and (Dis)Abilities.

Each module contains between 6 and 13 classes, totaling 30 classes in all. The format of the classes includes a 30 – 60 minute video explaining the educational concepts and skills, a PowerPoint presentation, forms to help process the information, and finally, in most classes, a roundtable discussion where the content is reviewed and applied by 10 mechanchim.

These classes are invaluable to both novice and experienced educators. Many rebbeim have taken this course and then excelled professionally as well as personally!

The Art and Science of Melamdus is now available free to subscribers and visitors as a zechus for Yehudis Bas Dina Faiga, bsoch shear cholei Yisroel.

You can register for the course, free of charge, by simply requesting it via email to: Please include your full name in the email.

Machon Aluf Binah

Machon Aluf Binah was founded in 2010. The vision of Machon Aluf Binah is to enable everyone to tap into their internal energy and achieve personal fulfillment. This vision is accomplished by our mission to train coaches, utilizing Judaic concepts, to maximize their thoughts, emotions and actions to excel and to achieve personal happiness as well as to extend their skills to coach their clients.


Rabbi Shalom Storch, a sought-after trainer, mentor and coach in the world of chinuch, is a veteran menahel with thirty years of experience.  He served as the menahel of the Mesivta of the St. Louis Rabbinical College, menahel of the Yeshiva Ketana of the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland and the founder and menahel of Yeshiva Nesivos Ohr in Lakewood, N.J. He is currently Resident Mentor of the Senior Leadership Fellowship for Yeshiva/Day School Principals, Aish Dos Division of Torah Umesorah. Rabbi Storch holds a CPC (Certified Professional Coach) from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), an Organizational and Business Coach Diploma from Refuah Institute, and an ELI – MP (Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner) from IPEC.



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