I’m a rabbi and a voice teacher and am troubled by many rabbis and Jewish leaders telling me about their challenges of maintaining a strong, healthy voice. Many rabbis and educators suffer hoarseness or voice loss, even to the extent of requiring surgery.  They want to learn how to project a powerful voice to their students and kehiilos without straining or hurting themselves. 

To that end, I am starting a free email list offering a resource and training grounds to learn to project and inspire your crowd with the strain-less powerful voice you were meant to have.   The emails will provide vocal advice and exercises that rabbis can practice while driving to work, before bed, or to recover quickly from hoarseness. Consistent daily work, no matter how short, will yield results. While regular voice lessons are ideal, many rabbis are not able to invest the time or weekly cost.

To join the list, please sign up here. Once on my website, scroll down and enter your first name and email to receive your first exercise. Those without internet access can send a request via email to rabbimoshe@thevoicerabbi.com including your first name and email address. Look for a confirmation email and check your spam folder if you don’t hear back soon.


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