In 2017, we live in a world where there’s a daily war on information and “emes.” Words like “fake news” and “alternative facts” are flying around. It seems like many years ago when fake news was unusual when baseball player Roger Clemens said that he “misremembered” critical facts when he was questioned about his alleged steroid use. 

Despite all of the above, the biggest issue is that our news from our events and institutions are getting lost. Yours and mine.

That’s right. 

You’re the news. 

And now more than ever, when we compete for people’s attention every second, it’s incumbent upon you to not only write in your weekly shul bulletin or a monthly email to your donors, but you also need to think of something to report on daily. Talk about what YOU are into, what you are reading, how you are cleaning and preparing for Pesach  that’s not a “hard sell” for your three-part Passover Crash Course  but it does show that the new rabbi in town is human and someone that I can learn from, can relate to, etc.  

Use whatever tool you want. Podcast. Blog. Tweet. Facebook. Snap some pictures. Do videos. Go live. It doesn’t matter. But tell your story.

recently chatted with some marketing professionals about how people are now solely communicating in emoji. (An emoji is a small image, symbol or icon used to express an idea or emotion  in digital communication.) We have moved from the ubiquitous single emoji , even winning the 2015 Word of the Year, to its multiple use exemplified by a major airline seeking to create a community and not have passengers feel as if they only fly the airline and that’s it. The flight is over. Bye. Bye. 

So now you.

What’s YOUR news?

What will you cover?

How will you better catch the daily attention of your students and donors?

Because it’s as important as anything else these days that you don’t just sit back. It’s time to publish and create a narrative of your own to help others take ownership of their Judaism and not be swept away with simply checking their phone and reading the latest trending stories. Find your platform — and share your news on a daily basis.

What’s YOUR story about?



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