What happens if there isn’t enough enrollment to launch an emerging Torah day school? What are the parents’ options when moving to a kiruv position that doesn’t have in-town chinuch for the older children? How can a community get a girls’ high school off the ground without major overhead costs?

Computer-based courses can be very useful as turn-key solutions replacing the need for specialized teachers providing frontal instruction in every subject. The computer-based lessons walk the student through the learning process, with interaction and practice, making learning fun. It’s like an instant school, ready to go!

Melamed Academy is an online Yeshiva day school offering flexible enrollment options, either as a full-time student or on a single course basis for kindergarten through twelfth grade. This innovative nonprofit school was designed to expand the current options of day schools and families while shrinking their expenses.

As a state-registered school in New Jersey, Melamed Academy provides students in any state with credits transferrable to a continuing high school. Alternatively, students can complete their high school diploma at Melamed Academy over 3-4 years. In fact, due to a partnership arrangement between Melamed Academy and accredited colleges, students can earn college credit for both Limudei Kodesh and General Studies, and even graduate high school with a BA degree.

Homeschooled children of elementary school grades benefit from a full curriculum in both Torah and General Studies, complete with a recorded davening and parsha projects. The secular studies includes online and workbook components, with documentation and assessments that can be submitted to local school district authorities if required. See more at melamedacademy.com/get-educated-about-homeschooling/.

Yeshivos and Bais Yaakov schools use Melamed Academy courses in their classrooms, resource rooms, and for individual student needs, such as course recovery. Families can enroll their children for full Limudei Kodesh, General Studies, or both. It’s ideal for a child to receive his or her chinuch in a Torah day school environment, but sometimes that isn’t an option. That void generally leaves the parents with the choice of homeschooling or sending a child out of town. Now we’ve added another option: the child can study at home and still receive a structured course of study, culminating in a recognized high school diploma. See more at melamedacademy.com/melamed-academy-saves-tuition-costs-in-torah-day-schools/.

Melamed Academy is proud to be partnering with many emerging and growing Jewish communities to service their elementary and high school students. Now principals don’t need to worry about vacant teacher positions, or if there is the requisite minimum enrollment needed to guarantee the school’s viability. Classes can be easily combined in one room without sacrificing any academic quality. Every student receives a course on his or her level, which progresses along with their ability and accomplishments.

Completing the package, Melamed Academy ensures compatibility to chinuch standards and maintaining a protected environment from Internet pollution. Melamed provides the option of our own kosher Chromebooks laptops which provide full Internet protection, regardless of the Internet service to which the device connects. Students will only access their lessons and designated educational resources.

Tuition prices are subsidized: $1000 for a school year of full Torah Studies, $1000 for a school year of full General Studies. An individual course costs between $200-$300 for the entire school year. School supplies for elementary grades cost $100 + $30/per month, including workbooks and packages with project materials. Kosher computers can be purchased from Melamed for $300, including headphones, case, and mouse. A complete accredited BA degree from a choice of state colleges, including up to 84 credits from Torah subjects costs less than $6000 (before federal aid and income tax refund). The BA program is available to students of all ages, and a high school diploma is not required.


For more information, see melamedacademy.com or call (732) 228-8800.



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