Incorporating the latest website trends can assist nonprofits to reach new members and participants. I’d like to share the following ten trends in website design and content, all targeted towards the new generation of nonprofit websites. These trends can transform your internet traffic and draw new members to your organization.

Web trends help in reaching the customers through the discovered data and solutions which is providing top digital marketing services. 10 new web trends for new generation non-profit websites are:


  • Diversity:  Translate your work into an exciting website with an outstanding mix of photos, text, and video. To that end, identify and crystallize the uniqueness and importance of your organization.
  • Responsive web design:  Responsive web design is the practice of enabling a website to work and appear on a large variety of devices and screen sizes. Be sure your site is adaptable for use on smartphones, tablets, laptops and even wide screens.  
  • Smart typography: Balanced typography is essential to present your website. There are three basic types of typography:  serif, sans serif, and decorative.  The serif font features embellishments, and sans serif (‘sans’ means without) has no embellishments. Decorative fonts don’t fit strictly into either category, and are often elaborate and used for titles. Your goal should be to design an uncluttered and simple site with ideally no more than two to three fonts.   
  • Big size, bold text: Employing big, bold text is gaining popularity.
  • Avoid symmetrical grid layouts: In the past, company websites used symmetry to keep all content in view of readers. The current trend is to employ asymmetry by creating decorative grid layouts to surprise the user.
  • Gradients: Gradients have made a comeback in 2017 and they continue to be a trendy design feature in 2018. Gradients are used in backgrounds or to overlay an image, and can especially make a striking impact when combined with bright colors.  
  • Shapes: Contemporary designers are rebelling against minimalism, which displays only the most essential elements of a product or subject.  One of the best ways to offer a more embellished presentation is to incorporate floating animated geometric shapes.


  • Content: Great content is essential to convey your cause to readers. Develop a compelling presentation to document your mission, goals, activities and milestones.    
  • Video: Video should feature prominently in your website design. In 2017, 69% of web traffic was driven to video content. Moreover, surfers spend one-third of online time watching videos.  
  • Keep it real: In an era of fake news, you need to authenticate your organization and work.  Display photos of your activities and present endorsements by recognized companies, government bodies, and individuals. Testimonials can also make a big impact.


Jade Gardner is a Marketing Manager a Hire Php Developer

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