Partners Global is pleased to share with you the details for a new, kiruv friendly Tisha B’Av video presentation: Building You 2.0.  The presentation will feature Rabbi Leiby Burnham of Detroit and Rabbi Pinchas Landis of Cleveland.  The entire program will run around 45-50 minutes.  View the trailer below or Vimeo.

The video will be available starting July 12 for streaming on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Vimeo, as well as for downloading on YouTube and Viemo.  All streaming/downloading links will be available here:

You can share the presentation with your constituency, or host an event to show it.  We are happy to customize the attached flyer for your shul’s or organization’s use, and/or to help you embed the trailer or video (when it’s ready) on your website.  Contact Rabbi Pinchas Landis for assistance:



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