Bringing in new employees is not just about welcoming them and making an announcement throughout your company or department. You need to have a fully developed strategy for welcoming new employees and make certain that they will fit in smoothly. It’s very important that your new employees feel welcome, as this will help ensure they stay with your business for a longer time.

Employee retention starts when the hiring process begins and after the skill assessment test for employment has been finished – it needs to be followed up adequately. Apart from that, you need to ensure that the rest of your team doesn’t get disrupted because of new hires so your organization can maintain efficiency.

Having a good onboarding process is very important. If you don’t have one yet, here are some ideas you should consider implementing:  

Get in contact with new hires

As soon as a candidate accepts your job offer and officially signs up to work for your business, you should make contact with them. Either send an email or make a quick phone call to express your excitement and welcome them aboard. This should be done by the hiring managers.

Inform the new hires that you will be in contact with them periodically to facilitate the transition process, involve them in the organization, and explain onboarding procedures.

Engage your employees early on and start developing a relationship with them. Employees start engaging with a brand even before they apply for a job. You need to nurture the relationship consistently while making them feel like they are a true part of your brand.

Show personal interest in new hires

It’s good to know what kind of person your new employee is. When a new employee starts working, the initial step is to complete paperwork and sign a contract. This is a great opportunity to learn more about your employee and talk more with them. Make sure that you give them all the necessary paperwork before they actually start coming to work.

This provides time to finish these mundane tasks before they start working and they won’t have to spend their first few days stuck at their desk. If the new hire is a kinesthetic type, it’ll be better to invite them to the office and give them all the forms in person over a short chat.

If the person is less outgoing and energetic, you can even deliver all the forms to them online so that they can do it from home. You can ask them some valuable follow up questions during this period to learn more about them and show them that you care about who is joining your organization.

Offer online training

Online training is one of the best ways to retain employees. Companies offer various benefits such as financial bonuses, extended health care, and/or free equipment, but giving them online training will show them that you care about their development and that they have a bright future with your organization. Every employee wants to learn something new and become better at their job.

This is what drives them forward and helps them climb the ladder within an organization. You might think that training annoys employees and this is true if the training is not designed properly. If the training doesn’t suit their needs and allow them to retain knowledge, it will just be seen as a burden.

This is why you need to get proper employee training software that will help you create great learning content but also help you manage online training. Also, it helps you to train remote workers as well as your global workforce at a reasonable cost.

Since you’ve already performed a skill assessment test for employment, you might know what your new hires are lacking. Using training software for employees and embedded surveys, you can enroll them in a structured training program while making sure they start slow, learn consistently and graduate them to subsequent levels.

Welcome new employees wholeheartedly

There is no greater buzzkill for new employees than coming to work the first day and then realizing that nobody cares that they are there. No one likes to feel like they are just “another brick in the wall.” Modern employees, especially the millennials and Gen Z, like to feel that they are part of something bigger and that they are making a contribution to the world with their work.

On top of that, they value themselves and like to feel valued by others. This is why you need to prepare your whole organization for their arrival. Make sure that everyone is briefed and the infrastructure is prepared for them to start working. Show them that they are respected and set the tone for future cooperation.

By getting on their good side early on, you will give them a chance to repay you in a similar way. On top of that, when they see how much thought and care you invest into making them feel like at home, they will want to return the same amount of respect. Happy employees give you 100% percent every day.

In the end, make sure that all the people working for your company make an effort to include new hires in the company culture. This is how you will instantly be able to make new hires feel as valuable members of your team. Don’t leave them out of the loop just because they are new. Give them important roles, ask for their opinion and share important information with them as you would with your other employees.



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