We all know there are tons of shiurim and articles out there that talk about the importance of developing our middos…  but how do we do it? How can we develop our middos in small, practical, easy, and manageable steps?

Enter Middos Challenges. An international program that began in 2016, Middos Challenges is a weekly email that offers practical tips and insights into how to develop our middos.

At the beginning of each week, participants receive an email with a brief insight into the Middah of the Month (such as happiness, gratitude, humility, or zrizus), as well as simple, relevant Activity Challenges and Creativity Challenges to help put the middah into practice in our daily lives. The weekly Torah Questions and Questions to Ponder offer even more food for thought.
Participants can earn points by completing the challenges and answering the questions – but participation is optional, and you can just sign up to read the emails without participating for points. Winners at the end of each month receive a prize.
If you are a teachers or administrator, check out the Middos Challenges Contest for Schools to give your students the chance to win a prize in the monthly international raffle.
Whether you are teaching students teaching in a classroom, raising your own kids, or focusing on your own self growth, Middos Challenges is a valuable resource that will make a marked difference in how you see yourself, the world, and your relationship with Hashem.

To sign up for the free weekly emails, click here or email MiddosChallenges@TorahDesigns.com

NEW! A full library of the Middos Challenges lessons is now available to download in printable PDF format for just $5. (View a sample chapter here.) Olami Resources readers can download the full library for FREE – this week only! Use the discount code “NLEFREE” before January 13th!

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