Have you met Mrs. Estie Rand?

She’s an internationally acclaimed lecturer, award winning business and nonprofit consultant, and she’s grown her own business from $0 to 6 figures in just under 2 years with no ad spend! (And she’s going to show you how.)

She’s been certified as a professional coach for over 10 years and now is on her journey to helping hundreds more micro business owners earn more money with less headache.

Mrs. Rand is teaching her LAST EVER Marketing Masterclasses for which she’s quite popular.

It’s called ‘The Ultimate ‘On-Demand’ Marketing Strategy for Small Business Owners.’

The virtual seminar will be held Wednesday, October 30, 12:30PM EST and is appropriate for nonprofit and business professionals.

Why attend?

Because she’s going to help you DISCOVER your…

  • Unique Branding – Find your sweet-spot and stand out in any industry 
  • Ideal Customers – Get the best clients in and keep the wrong ones out
  • Marketing Magic – The best places to invest your marketing dollars

She’s a marketing ace to guide us to become laser focused and massively accountableSo expect HUGE value and a full notebook worth of actionable steps.

Make sure to sign up here and grab your virtual seat before space fills up!




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