Learning Torah with a chaburah is an amazing experience. It affords many benefits, like providing others to talk with in learning as well as mentors who will elucidate the sugya at hand. 

Unfortunately, for many Bnei Torah who enter the ranks of Klei Kodesh and harbotzas HaTorah, this can be very challenging, due to both the daily schedule and the location where they live.

Now, is the chance, that wherever one lives, whatever one’s schedule is, it’s possible to be connected to in-depth learning, with Chaburas Ma Ahavti Toresecha!

Chaburas Ma Ahavti’s mission is to create interactive, virtual learning groups, enabling Jews to connect in learning regardless of their time and place.

Rabbi Yitzchok Goldsmith has had experience over his past few years in Kollel presenting and coordinating shiurim of various levels. This past Elul, he decided to bring his passion of harbatzas HaTorah to a reality through founding Chaburas Ma Ahavti Torasecha, enabling him to express his love of learning and teaching Torah that he absorbed during his years in Yeshivas Toras Moshe under Rabbi Moshe Meiselman (Rosh Yeshiva) and Rabbi Moshe Twersky זצק”ל. 

Gemara learning for men, which goes through topics in Shas, learning the Gemaras, then Shulchan Aruch, and then review. The goal is to make a real kinyan in the topic, getting a broad הקיף of the topic, the lamdus and halacha le’maaseh with a proper chazara. In general, 4-8 weeks are devoted to each topic.

The pace, is approximately an amud per week, allowing for a balance of iyun and covering ground. New material is learned Monday-Thursday, allowing time for chazara over the weekend. 

Chaburas Ma Ahavti resumes Monday, November 4th, with the Gemaras and halachos of Chanukah! It’s not too late to join. Now’s your chance to come into Chanukah, and to be really “holding” in the sugyas!

To learn more and sign up, either go to www.chaburasmaahavti.com, or contact Rabbi Goldsmith the founder of Chaburas Ma Ahavti at chaburasmaahavti@gmail.com or 847-312-0212.


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