Looking for a way to teach about Tu B’Shvat that goes beyond dried fruit? Torah Live is proud to announce its new Tu B’Shvat video, Wisdom in Creation.

This new video is all about fruit, trees and seeing the hand of Hashem in every little thing around us.

In order to maximize your classroom presentation, we have also included a Tu B’Shvat lesson plan (available with Educator membership, in the Teacher Materials tab on the course page). The lesson focuses on the connection between Tu B’Shvat and emunah and the messages of the holiday which carry us through the entire year.

You can also download a beautifully designed PDF about Exotic Fruits of Israel (available to everyone in the right hand column of the course page). Test your students to see how many of these fruits they recognize and what they know about them.

Happy Tu B’Shvat and enjoy teaching with Wisdom in Creation!

For more information about teaching with Torah Live, email info@torahlive.com.

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