OlamiResources.com is happy to present a collection of four central questions surrounding Pesach and the Seder, illustrated by engaging parables by Rabbi Tzvi Moshe Schultz. The stories are action-driven, self-explanatory, and user friendly, for Pesach Seder preparations – either by busy rabbis, or to share with students for their DIY Seders. The questions and parables address: 

  • Why is the Seder filled with details?
  • How can we celebrate the Seder, that culminates in liberation, at times of difficult galus?
  • In the Az Yashir we read on the Seventh Day of Pesach, the Torah states, Hashem is “too awesome to praise.” Rashi explains that since G-d is so great, we might not praise Him enough, and would in fact be considered an insult. How can praise be considered to be an affront?
  • Dayeinu – How can anything less than all that G-d has done for us be considered sufficient?

Each mashal is preceded by a question and concludes with the take-away lesson. 

Please click here to download and read the mashalim.

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