In our current situation, where we find ourselves threatened by the coronavirus, many gedolim have suggested that we strengthen ourselves in the mitzvah of meah berachos, to recite one hundred berachos each day. This mitzvah was instituted in the time of Dovid Hamelech, when a plague broke out and caused one hundred Jewish people to die each day.

As a response to the plague Dovid Hamelech instituted the mitzvah of meah berachos, and ultimately caused the plague to stop. The Bach explains that the mitzvah of meah berachos is not only effective to protect from the plague that threatened in the times of Dovid Hamelech but is effective and has the power to stop a plague that occurs in any generation.

his week we will review the mitzvah of meah berachos, and hope that it serves as a chizuk for us in this mitzvah and provide much-needed yeshuos to Klal Yisroel.


Please click here to download the Halachos of 100 Berachos.




Rabbi Shmuel Stein learns in the Miami Beach Community Kollel. Rabbi Stein teaches the popular Wednesday evening Hilchos Shabbos Shiur and writes a review sheet which is disseminated each week before Shabbos. He organizes the Kollel’s youth programs including Masmidei Erev and Miami Masmidim program. Rabbi Stein is the new resource director at Yeshiva Elementary school and teaches at Mechina of South Florida.   


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