To reach their goals and succeed in their plans, even nonprofit organizations need to up their marketing strategy. And for that, they need top of the line marketing tools. 

The issue here, of course, is that these tools often come at a price that’s higher than what most nonprofits can afford. 

Lead generation quizzes, social media marketing tools, email marketing tools, and more can put a significant dent in your nonprofit’s budget. However, they’re still important if you want to spread your message around the world. 

Luckily, there are quite a few excellent marketing tools that can be used either for free or for a surprisingly low price. 

Let’s take a look at the best marketing tools of 2020 that drive results but don’t break the bank. 

ProProfs Lead Quiz 

Quizzes are considered to be the hidden gem of lead generation. Over 93% of marketers state that interactive content such as lead quizzes are effective in educating the customers and getting them engaged. 

ProProfs makes it easy to create online quizzes for lead generation. Nonprofit marketers can choose from a variety of available tests and quizzes or develop their own quizzes in a matter of minutes. 

The quizzes can be integrated into your broader marketing strategy and be shared across social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, or be uploaded to your website. 

You can even attach a lead form and get all you quiz-takers’ information like their names, addresses, email, contact numbers, and more. 

Free lead quizzes can prove to be one of the better tools in your marketing arsenal that can attract wider audiences and significantly increase their engagement levels. 

Benchmark Email 

Email marketing is a very important part of every successful marketing campaign. It can generate excellent ROI, producing $44 for every $1 spent

The best way to increase your ROI and decrease your spending is to find email marketing tools that offer top of the line features at competitive prices. 

Benchmark Email has numerous free and paid versions with some of the best features. This tool can be suitable for big and small nonprofits with varying financial limitations. 

You can use this email marketing tool to launch event-triggered emails, include dynamic content, send customer surveys, automate your responses, and more. 


Trello is a project management tool that’s easy to use and can help you stay on top of your marketing campaign. 

It has limited features, but all of them are useful and easy to use and get accustomed to. A free version is available to those on a budget and comes with all the necessary features. 

You’ll have access to unlimited boards, members, lists, attachments, and more. The only issue is that there are no reporting features and no time-tracking software. 


There’s no denying the importance of a good landing page and a well-designed website that successfully draws customers in. 

In most cases, you’ll need a web developer who has extensive design and coding experience if you want to have a website that converts. 

However, with tools like LeadPages, even those with no previous coding knowledge can create appealing and effective websites. 

This tool allows you to perfect your site, include well-timed pop-ups, upload media, optimize your site for Search Engines, and more. A free trial is available, but there’s no free version. The pricing plans are affordable, however, and should suit most nonprofit’s budgets. 


Social media platforms are ideal for connecting with your audiences, spreading your brand awareness, and generating leads. However, with dozens of popular social networks, it can be hard staying on top of them all. 

This is where Buffer can help. As a social media management tool, it will allow you to take control of your nonprofit’s profiles, sharing valuable content at just the right times. 

You’ll cut the amount of time it takes you to manage your social media, and with Buffer’s engagement metrics, you’ll gain insight into how every single one of your posts is performing. 


GetMailBird is an app designed for the Windows OS. It works best with Gmail and allows you to sync all of your email accounts and contacts, making them easier to manage. 

It can be integrated with most messaging apps, calendars, tasks, and others. This allows you to look over almost all of your communication channels from a single app. 

GetMailBird doesn’t have a free version, but a free trial is available. You can quickly test out the tool and see whether it’s the right choice for your nonprofit. 


Ucraft is an affordable tool that enables you to create professional-looking websites with ease. 

You can easily customize the appearance of your website, upload your portfolio, or create an online store. It has an intuitive interface, so even those with limited computer skills can take advantage of this tool. 

A free version is available with all the basic features that will streamline the web design process. 


Every nonprofit organization needs a way to raise funds and collect donations. While this can be achieved through traditional fundraising events, it’s more convenient (and more affordable) to do so online. 

Snowball is an online-based fundraising platform that can help you encourage your supporters to send donations. 

It’s user-friendly, easy to customize, and has an abundance of useful features that will make fundraising a breeze. 


Nonprofits can greatly benefit from DialMyCalls. The app allows you to easily schedule and send mass messages, record your calls, send emails, emergency notifications, and more. 

You can register your keywords and create customized opt-in lists of customers. With the employee directory, you can ensure that your team always has a simple way to stay in touch. 

You can test out DialMyCalls through their free trial before deciding to commit to it. 


The last tool that every nonprofit marketer should take advantage of in 2020 is Lumen5. It allows you to create engaging videos from your existing blogs and content. 

You don’t need any video editing skills or experience to master Lumen5 as everything is streamlined and user-friendly. 

You can use music from their library and include it in your videos, add images, edit text, and more. It’s a perfect tool for those who need video content but have no previous experience in creating it. 

The Bottom Line 

Nonprofit marketers can significantly benefit from any of these top tools of 2020. You’ll find it easier to create online quizzes for lead generation, manage your social media accounts, boost your email marketing campaigns, and more. Most of these tools offer free trials, and some even have free versions. Increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and enjoy the results.




Angela White is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing for the consumer market in the areas of product research and marketing using quizzes and surveys. Having a knack for writing and an editorial mindset, she is an expert researcher at a brand that’s known for creating delightfully smart tools such as ProProfs Quiz Maker.


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