As we all move to online learning, StreamYard is an important and affordable tool that any nonprofit or educational institution must know about. Why? Because it allows you to broadcast live streaming video.

The host can invite up to 10 different guests to join via their incoming video connections! Guests only require a web browser.

You can have other rabbis, educators, team members or students join you as guests and “meet off camera” in a “green room.”

Then like a a real studio producer, the host can mix which guests appear in the stream, which remain on deck in the “green room,” which other visuals to show, and overall to control what is easily streamed out live to your YouTube, Facebook, etc., or your own website. All in all, this is a mini-broadcasting studio and with the costs of $25 per month to host — with a free trial option — it’s a great tool to utilize over the coming weeks ahead.

The site also allows for:

  • Call your audience to take action: Just type out a call to action and StreamYard will add it to your live stream in a single click.
  • Brand your broadcast: Make the show your own by choosing colors and uploading images, GIFs, and even videos

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