Welcome to 2021! This year in particular, your first impressions with everyone – from students to donors – will most likely be…online. And, even though it’s 2021, sending and receiving email is still…king. 

Really Good Emails has a huge database of 7,000 marketing emails and newsletters you can search for inspiration to design your own portfolio. You can “collect” designs that you like, view code, and see examples of how it looks across different email clients and devices. If you are a small operation and you, and / or your wife manage emailing – Really Good Emails is a super helpful site to create winner graphic emails to pack your events and connect with donors. If you are an organization with multiple branches looking for ideas to display new events, highlight faculty and encourage small in-person events, this website offers a wealth of suggestions to upgrade your email marketing.

Integrating fresh, tastefully designed, action-oriented emails into your marketing and communications can help bring much success in Year 2021. May it be healthy, inspirational and happy! 

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